Domestic violence client:

“Attorney April Kang Seo worked tirelessly, to the point, she was calling me day and night, and weekends to follow up. And, due to her amazing tenacity, incredible research, hard work, diligence and knowledge of systems, our clients finally saw justice, and a positive outcome.”

child support client:

“April is truly professional and knowledgeable. She clearly explained the possible outcomes and helped me understand what to expect. With her excellent negotiation skill and knowledge, she got more than what I asked for. I am grateful to have her as my attorney.”

Restraining Order client:

“April won 3 restraining orders so that I could protect me and my children from our abusers. During the process which took 6 months, April was consistent in her compassion and work ethic and did her research to make my case strong. She answered all the questions I had about the process and responded in a timely manner. My life did a 180 after I met April, and I feel that I am so lucky to have her as my attorney. I highly recommend April for domestic violence issues, child abuse issues, and family law in general.”

child custody client:

“April is amazing. I was granted everything I asked for. She is also very compassionate toward my circumstance and always looked out for my best interest.”

Child Custody and Contempt Client:

“Ms. Seo helped our family at a very challenging time. She is very knowledgeable and is a strong advocate for survivors of domestic violence and child abuse. She is an exemplary attorney, always professional, preparing documents in a timely manner and keeping us informed. She also has a quality that is rare today: she authentically cares about the clients she represents. Ms. Seo mounted a vigorous and successful defense for me, and for that, I am truly grateful.”

domestic violence client:

“As a domestic violence counselor I needed help with a very urgent and complicated case involving several abusers. At first, what laid before me and my client seemed insurmountable, but after April took the case, the intricacies unraveled one by one as April solved each matter with laser-like focus. April obtained all the necessary information and evidence to win our case by going after the right sources and asking the right questions, without any hesitation. At court, April was thorough, well-prepared, and very articulate. In the end, April obtained not one, but three restraining orders for my client and her family.”