Uncontested Divorce & Uncontested Paternity Action

When most people think about divorce and paternity cases, they think of lengthy, heated courtroom battles. While many divorce and paternity cases do turn out that way, there is no reason they have to. If both parties are in agreement about how to resolve the situation, they only need to complete the appropriate paperwork, reach an agreement about any outstanding issues, and submit it to the court for approval. Absent clear fraud or an agreement that is contrary to the law, the court will generally approve the documents and send the parties on their way with a judgment stating exactly what they wanted.

While the process is technically simple, it is important to make sure that you are fully aware of all of your available legal rights and obligations that the agreement may bind you to. For example, if you were not aware that you were entitled to spousal support, you might not realize that your divorce agreement is titled heavily in favor of your spouse. If you are a father who rushes to do the right thing by entering into a paternity agreement, you might lose the right to later dispute paternity if you later find out that you are not the biological father.

Even if you fully trust the other party to treat you fairly, you should still have a lawyer review your agreement. You want to make sure that the agreement has the legal effect you think it does, has no unintended consequences, and will not later be invalidated by a judge.

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