Divorce & Separation Mediation

The decision to separate or terminate the marital relationship is a difficult one. Oftentimes, couples are overwhelmed with the steps, duration, and cost involved with traditional litigation. We offer Divorce and Separation Mediation for those couples who have made the amicable decision to separate or terminate their marriage. Meditation is an alternative to conventional separation and/or divorce proceedings. Mediation allows the parties a non-judgmental space to work through the variety of issues that arise in a divorce or separation. It can also be a more cost-effective method.

Mediation may not be right for every couple. At our initial consultation, our mediator will work to identify the underlying issues and create a meditation plan that is tailored to your family’s needs. This initial meeting also serves to identify whether mediation is the right fit for you.

Although our mediators are family law attorneys, in this role, we do not represent either party. Rather, our role is to assist the discussion and/or negotiations between you and your partner/spouse. We provide support to both parties throughout this process, which can also include preparation of any necessary documents and pleadings such as financial disclosures through final Judgment.

Our firm also offers mediation services for working through issues for premarital agreements, marital settlement agreements, and legal separation agreements. Contact our office today to learn more about the mediation process and if it is a right fit for your family.